Motor Sport Betting

Formula One may be the pinnacle of the MotorSport world but keen petrolheads will know that there is much more to enjoy. NASCAR. MotoGP and Indy 500 are among many other disciplines and in these modern, eco-conscious times, there is even a division for electric cars known as Formula E.

The growing interest in the sport extends to the betting world where there are lots of opportunities to make profits in a host of different markets. Here, then, is a guide on what you can expect from those markets along with an introduction to motorsport and its various disciplines.

Best Motor Racing Betting Sites

All of the information you have gained so far now needs to be put to good use and as part of your strategy, you should be looking for the best motorsport betting sites out there. To qualify for this list, the sportsbook in question needs to be a trusted brand and they should be providing a good choice of markets plus value for money in terms of competitive odds.

Here are our own recommendations.


Motor Sport BettingThe Betway operation was first set up in 2006 and that’s given the company over ten years in which to become established and build up trust among their customer base. They offer a good set of markets for Formula One but their big appeal lies in their pricing which is among the best in the industry for any sport.

The choice of markets isn’t, perhaps, as wide for other motor racing such as MotoGP or WRC but the odds remain strong for the straight result and Betway provide a good all-round package.

William Hill

Motor Sport BettingThey are a long-established bookmaker but while trust is important, there are other reasons why William Hill make it on to this recommended list. While others tend to focus on Formula One, Hills are active for most disciplines so while many operators might avoid NASCAR and Indy 500, you should find a wider choice of betting markets here.

William Hill are also competitive with their regular odds and there are some price boosts too so for choice and value, this is one of the first companies to turn to for motorsport betting.


Motor Sport BettingOne of the reasons that 888Sport makes it onto this list surrounds the offers and promotions that are available. With most bookies, this type of deal may be generic or it may be specific to football but with 888, we can often find promos that can be used solely in the motor racing markets.

These could be price boosts and enhanced odds deals or free bet refunds in certain circumstances. 888Sport tick all of the other boxes in regards to choice of markets and competitive odds but those offers just give them an added boost.


Motor Sport BettingLadbrokes are very much like William Hill in the sense that they have been around for a long time and they cover more motorsport events than most bookies. They go beyond Formula One here and offer lots of markets for MotoGP, Indy 500 and more, so that’s a good reason to get involved here.

Regular odds are strong and Ladbrokes also offer all customers a set of price boosts to use as they wish so this is another operator where value and choice combine in perfect proportion.

Guide / Betting Tips on Motor Sports

Those are the major motorsport events and the ones that get the most attention from the sportsbooks but what, exactly, can you bet on and can you make a regular profit with machines on two or four wheels? Obviously there is the option to bet on each race winner and there are long term markets for drivers and constructors championships over the course of the season.

Here is a guide to the rest of the available markets and most of these will be available for any of the disciplines mentioned above.

Types of Motor Racing Bets

Prop Bets

A prop bet is referred to as a side bet in certain parts of the world and relates to a market that doesn’t necessarily have an effect on the race result. Prop bets can involve popular options such as Fastest Lap where anyone can come through the field, put their foot down and go round fastest without actually winning the race.

Other, more obscure prop bets exist while the following options are among the most common for the motorsport betting community.

Fastest Qualifier

In most forms of motor racing there is a series of qualifying laps which will determine who will start at the front of the grid when the race begins for real. This can be referred to as a Pole Position bet but most bookmakers these days simply refer to it as Fastest Qualifier.

As the bettor, the job is to simply assess conditions, look at who potentially has the fastest car and then place the chosen amount of stake next to the name of the driver who they think will qualify in the fastest time.

Winning Margin

As the name suggests, the winning margin bet requires the punter to stake on the amount of time between the winner of the race and the second placed driver. This can be a mere matter of fractions of seconds up to a minute and beyond.

Sportsbooks that get involved in this bet will list a number of options and it’s up to the bettor to decide which parameters they think the winning margin will land in and then place their bets accordingly.

Top Six Finish

This is one of the easiest bets to explain and, as the title indicates, it’s all about betting on whether or not you think the driver in question will finish inside of the top six.

The odds here will be much shorter than the ones you can find in the race winner market but there can be some value. A longer priced driver or rider may have little chance of taking the chequered flag but a bet for a top six finish has a stronger chance of landing and returning any sort of profit.

Podium Finish

This market offers a variation on the top six finish and for the bet to deliver a profit, your driver has to finish inside the top three. In motorsport, a driver or rider has to finish in first, second or third place for them to take a place on the podium when the trophies, and the champagne, are handed out.

The market is also referred to as Top Three Finish in some places and all the best motor racing betting sites will offer this option.

Driver Match Ups / Head to Head Winner

The Driver Match Up will typically take two drivers in a race and the task is to decide which of them will have a higher placed finish. This has been growing in popularity in areas such as Formula One and MotoGp where certain individuals such as Lewis Hamilton and Marc Marquez have started to dominate the straight result markets.

An example here might be to put F1 Drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo up against each other and decide which of those will finish in a higher position. It’s a simple concept but the head to head markets are a good alternative to the more obvious bets.

MotorSports Mobile Betting

Motorsport doesn’t necessarily offer the biggest choice of live betting markets but irrespective of whether you like to stake in play or ante post, it’s useful to take advantage of mobile betting at times. All of the sportsbooks that we’ve listed above have a free to use app so we suggest downloading that and upgrading your device to the latest software to make sure that the app is adequately supported.

Live betting can offer higher odds than the equivalent, pre-race markets and that’s one reason to bet on the go. Overall, for pure flexibility and convenience. it makes sense to get involved with mobile motorsports betting and there’s never been an easier time to do so.

Motor Racing Betting Events

Formula 1

Motor Sport BettingThis is the area of main interest for sport and betting fans and it’s where the greatest drivers can be found. The Formula One circuit was first established in 1950 to officially organise the world’s best cars and drivers who had been competing on an unofficial basis for many years previously.

In the present day, F1 is big business with 21 Grand Prix taking place in all parts of the globe. Great drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel remain at the heart of that success and from 2020 things will get even bigger with countries such as Vietnam hosting a Grand Prix for the very first time.


Motor Sport BettingNASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and it is the most popular form of motorsport in many parts of America. It’s not to be confused with stock car events in other parts of the world which feature beaten up old bangers - these are highly tuned, pristine machines with some top class drivers behind the wheel.

NASCAR was formed in 1948 so it actually predates Formula One by two years and in the present day, we have a long season which ranges from February through to November and while Americans are fanatical about the sport, its popularity is spreading all over the world.


Motor Sport BettingWe move over to two wheels now and the world of MotoGp. This is the equivalent of Formula One as far as motorcycling is concerned and success here is considered to be the pinnacle of achievement for the world’s top riders.

The first season of MotoGP dates back to 1949 and as we bring things up to date, the current calendar involves 19 events that take the sport into all four corners of the world. The most dominant rider in the modern era is the Spaniard Marc Marquez but there are lots of challengers through the field and this remains a competitive area of motorsport.

Other MotorSport Options

Motor Sport BettingWe’ve mentioned the three most popular forms of motorsport but there are plenty of others to enjoy, both from a betting and a spectating point of view. The Indy 500 is a one off event and it’s one of the most historic too, having been held every year since 1911.

WRC is the abbreviation for the World Rally Championship and is the most sought after trophy for the best rally drivers on earth. Down Under in Australia we have the Bathurst 1000 - a prestigious and highly competitive race held every October - while the country also plays host to the popular Supercars Championship. Formula E is also starting to make its mark with electric cars tackling high performance circuits all over the world so there is lots to enjoy for any petrolhead, right through the sporting year.

Motor Racing Betting FAQ

FAQ Tips

All good bookmakers should have a section that provides answers to frequently asked questions. These cover general topics and are useful to check through as they tackle queries such as minimum deposits, funding methods and maximum stakes.

To get more specific and to find direct answers to questions involving motorsport, a good tip is to search for terms and conditions. All sportsbooks will have a separate ts and cs page and they should be divided into different sports so make a quick search and you should find it.

Typical questions here might include the bookmaker’s rules on dead heats. These are exceptionally rare in motor racing but this query can come up. Regulations relating to disqualifications can also arise so for these and any other queries pertaining to motorsport, be sure to check out those terms and conditions.

Legal Motor Racing Betting

Betting on motor racing is, in general, legal but customers are urged to check the laws that specifically apply to their country, state or region. In countries such as Canada, Australia, India, China or the United States, online gambling is either heavily restricted or outlawed altogether so it is imperative that you check on this point.

In other countries where gambling is freely available, be aware that you must be of legal age and that you will also be asked for photocopies of documents in order to verify your identity.