French Grand Prix

2019 French Grand Prix Preview

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French Grand Prix Winner Odds

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Royal Panda
Lewis Hamilton5/6-1201.8319/20-105.2631578951.951-10021-10021-10029/10-111.1111111111.9019/20-105.2631578951.95
Valtteri Bottas5/22503.505/22503.505/22503.505/22503.505/22503.509/42253.255/22503.50
Sebastian Vettel44005440057/23504.5044005440054400544005
Charles Leclerc55006550069/24505.509/24505.509/24505.505500655006
Max Verstappen20200021161600171818001918180019141400152020002116160017
Pierre Gasly25025000251150150001512002000020125025000251200200002012502500025115015000151
Daniel Ricciardo10001000001001500500005017507500075110001000001001100010000010011000100000100150050000501
Nico Hulkenberg10001000001001750750007515005000050110001000001001100010000010011000100000100175075000751
Kevin Magnussen15001500001501150015000015017507500075110001000001001150015000015011000100000100115001500001501
Carlos Sainz15001500001501100010000010011000100000100115001500001501150015000015011000100000100110001000001001

About French Grand Prix


One of the oldest motorsport events on the planet, the inaugural French Grand Prix race was held in 1906. Since then, France has hosted 87 Formula One races across an incredible 16 venues – a sensational statistic. In terms of history and prestige, the French Grand Prix ranks highly with Formula One followers across the globe.

Prior to the 2018 Formula One campaign, the French Grand Prix had been off the calendar for a decade; largely down to financial circumstances and lack of suitable venues for present day motorsport. However, it made a return ahead of the 2018 season and Formula One fans will be looking forward to the 2019 race on June 23rd.

Now held at Circuit Paul Ricard near Marseille, Formula One novices should not confuse this event with the Monaco Grand Prix. The race has a rich history in motor racing and you’d be hard pressed to find many Formula One fans who want this particular race to be taken off the calendar. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the French Grand Prix…


Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher has an incredible eight French Grand Prix wins to his name – two clear of Alain Prost’s tally of six victories. The German won this race four times in the space of five years in the mid-1990s and Ferrari will be hoping that Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc can follow in Schumacher’s footsteps at the 2019 event.

With 17 race wins, Ferrari have been the most successful team in French Grand Prix history – which is hardly a surprise taking Schumacher’s record into account. They failed to inspire confidence in the race last year though, with Kimi Raikkonen snatching third and Vettel back in fifth. Lewis Hamilton won this race for Mercedes in 2018 and they look primed to finish top of the podium once again after winning seven from seven so far this season.

At the time of writing, Hamilton is priced at evens with Betway to claim back-to-back French Grand Prix wins later this month. Mercedes have been inch-perfect so far in 2019, recording wins in all seven Grand Prix races on the calendar. With that in mind, backing against 2018 champion Hamilton or teammate Valtteri Bottas would be foolish to say the least.

Fastest Lap

Speaking of Bottas, the Mercedes man set the fastest ever lap at the French Grand Prix in 2018 and plenty of punters will fancy him to show blistering speed in Marseille again this time around. Beating Hamilton will be his primary objective but recording the fastest lap time for the second year in succession will also be on his mind.

Recording a fiery lap time of 1:34:225, Bottas will be a popular bet with Formula One fans to do the same this year and William Hill customers will be keeping a close eye on the latest motorsport betting odds ahead of this year’s race.

With over a decade off the calendar, it would be unfair to look at the pre-2018 French Grand Prix’s fastest lap times. The dynamics of Formula One have changed somewhat since then, with rules changes and car design allowing much quicker speeds. Watch this space, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the fastest lap time smashed in 2019.

Interesting Facts

french grand prix circuit

French Grand Prix Circuit

As previously mentioned, the French Grand Prix is regarded as the oldest in the sport. There is a rich history of motorsport throughout the country – Formula One has always been at the forefront of French sport. Expect another memorable race down in Marseille on June 23rd.

The course itself encourages fast straight line speed; this is the race you want to watch for entertainment and overtaking. In fact, the French Grand Prix circuit is ones of the older tracks in existence and that more traditional style of racing venue usually encourages an exciting race style for competitors.

The Future

With the French Grand Prix confirmed on the Formula One calendar until 2022, there are no immediate plans to replace the race. Having said that, organisers haven’t confirmed if there is a contract extension in the offering so Formula One fans are currently in limbo over this great race.

Without a doubt, the majority of supporters will want the French Grand Prix to remain on the F1 calendar. A traditional track and history surrounding the event, the French Grand Prix appeals to the masses and ticks all the right boxes – both for new Formula One fans and for older followers of the sport.

Excitement and entertainment when it comes to overtaking are only going to help appeal to younger viewers. Marseille is a fantastic venue to host the French Grand Prix and long may it continue. Let’s hope for an exciting yet safe 2019 event and fingers crossed for a positive future for motor racing in France and beyond.