NASCAR Betting Odds – How to bet on NASCAR?

NASCAR – Brief History

nascar bettingEven those who are completely oblivious to the world of competitive motorsports know that NASCAR stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, founded in Daytona, FL in 1948 and divided into regional, national and international series. As one of the highest authorities in the USA motorsports, NASCAR is in charge of sanctioning hundreds of races across the globe, which makes the concept “NASCAR betting” extremely wide-ranging; the gamblers can either bet on the individual race results or submit the wagers on a potential Monster Energy Cup winner…

NASCAR Bet Types

Although appreciated by some, the extensive list of options might intimidate less experienced players. However, you will soon discover that NASCAR betting is not so much different from any other form of sports-related gambling. This means that the certain preparations and analytical skills may be in or-der, but one can always rely on the input and the picks provided on some of the most popular online bookmakers (listed and described below). Before we continue to the NASCAR bet types, here are some factors which should be taken into consideration before you submit your first bet:

1. Practice

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup practices religiously every week, and the relevant information regarding the fastest laps or best average speed is available to the general public. Sports channels broadcast the prac-tice sessions and more diligent players can use the information to adjust their future bets. Happy Hour is the final practice during which you can spot all the strengths and weaknesses of the drivers and the last chance for the competitors to complete the “eleventh-hour” preparations before to the race.

2. Qualification

Qualifying runs are probably the most important indicator of how a driver will rank in the upcoming race. The fastest drivers in the qualifying are optimal betting options since their ranking reveals skills and testifies on the machine power which will hold up well on the track.

3. Recent/Past Performance

Performance can be dependant on multiple factors, which can be both personal and professional or relative to the car engine. The continuous performance on a 1.5-mile track of a particular car model is likely to follow the same trend throughout the entire season.

4. Track

The track, just like the tennis court surface and its effect on the tennis player’s legs, can influence the driver’s race style. Finding out how the driver handles speedways, short tracks, and road courses can significantly improve your odds.

With all this in mind, you can go ahead and start betting on one of the following options:

Driver Matchups

Extremely popular and profitable bet, placing two drivers in opposing positions – the choice is made by the bookies and has no connection to the drivers’ final result and position. The only thing that mat-ters is how they rank against each other. The drivers may or may not be evenly matched, but the pay-out odds will be modified accordingly for each matchup (multiple matchups are usually presented).


The proposition is a straightforward bet type, defined as a choice between a) a non-occurrence or b) occurrence of a certain result, event, etc. For example, you can bet on a possibility that a driver will have a leading position throughout the major portion of the race or that Toyota will win. Prop bets can be further categorised as “skilled” or “unskilled” since some of them will require advanced knowledge and experience. Unskilled prop bets have somewhat of an entertaining character and can refer to oc-currences that are almost impossible to predict, such as the number of cautions in the race.

To Win Outright

Another extremely popular NASCAR bet, which does not require an elaborate explanation. The play-ers wager on whomever they feel will win the race – as simple as that. The payout level will be pro-portional to the driver’s track record and the players are allowed to bet on more than one driver. This can improve one’s chance of making a profit, as the payouts are higher than an even rate.

Fastest Qualifies (Pole Position)

Obviously, the initial position of the cars can affect the course of the race and certain drivers may be at an advantage or disadvantage. NASCAR drivers will, therefore, go through the qualifying rounds and whoever makes it to the last round with the best lap time wins the pole position. You will be able to bet on the outcome of the qualification round and select one or more drivers with the best chances of winning the pole. It should be mentioned that the importance of the starting position fluctuates; with larger racetracks, such as Talladega Superspeedway, there is more room for a clean pass and the start-up location is not as important.

Podium Finish

Even if you are not 100% certain who will win the race, you can be pretty confident about the drivers who will come close. When that happens, Podium Finish is the best bet that you can take as it allows you to select a driver who will end up on the podium, regardless of the position – 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The payout is somewhat lower, but so is the risk level.

Fastest Lap

This bet is not linked to the outcome – all you need to do is accurately predict which driver will have the fastest lap in the actual race and your bet will win even if he doesn’t…


This bet requires an in-depth knowledge and a bit of research which is exactly what makes it so ap-pealing to the passionate NASCAR aficionados. Futures are found in other sports as well and can be placed at the beginning of the season when it is still too early to spot a favourite with the highest chance of winning the Championship. In time, the odds will get progressively worse, which means that you should catch the early train when this wager is concerned.

Best NASCAR Drivers to Bet on

Unless you already have your personal favourite, here are some of NASCAR drivers that have man-aged to rank highly with NASCAR fans and betting experts.

  • Kyle Busch – three-time winner of Texas race, Kyle is a recorder with 24 wins across top three NASCAR series and holds the Xfinity Series wins record
  • Chase Elliott, the first rookie to win 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series championship and 2016 Rookie of the Year (NASCAR Sprint Cup Series)
  • Kevin Harvic – a full-time competitor for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and all-time record holder for the number of wins at the Phoenix International Raceway Cup Series Wins. Third runner-up in Xfinity Series with a total of 47 wins.

NASCAR Bookmakers

Once you feel confident enough to put your knowledge into practice and test your analytical skills, the following bookers are among the first to provide the best odds and some of the most challenging (read hilarious) prop bets:


bodogOnline bookie founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre. The site is operated by Bodog Entertainment Casinos and licenced by Antigua Online Gaming Association. Deposits can be submitted in bitcoin and the amounts up to $500 will be matched with 50%.

Sports Interaction

Canada’s online bookmark established in 1997 and operated by Mohawk Online Ltd. New players will be greeted by up to $100 welcome bonus offer.


Owned by Hillside Media, bet365 was launched in 2001 under UKGC and Gibraltar Regula-tory Authority licences. The platform is available in 18 different languages and the new account hold-ers will be able to claim $25 in bet credits.


888sportMultinational gambling provider founded in 2008, operated by Cassava Enterprises (888 Holding subsidiary). 888Sport is licensed by the UKGC and GBGA, welcoming the new members with $30 bonus for every wagered $10.


Morris Mohawk Gaming Group owned bookmaker, Bovada operates under Kahnawake Gaming Commission licence (the bookie is currently exploring alternative licensing options). The new-ly registered members will be able to claim a 50% deposit match on all amounts up to $250.