Speedway Grand Prix 2019 Betting Odds

speedway grand prixUnlike other motorcycle races, the Speedway Grand Prix isn’t a championship. Instead, it’s a series of stand-alone races during a season that determine the Speedway World Champion. The events started in 1995 and have since attracted a lot of attention from the public, primarily the UK.

The motorcycle speedway events start sometime in May. The end date is determined by the number of races in the season. The series put 16 riders (15 plus a wild card) between each other over the course of 20 heats. During this time, each rider gets to compete against every other rider once. Every Grand Prix race counts towards point totals, with the top 8 players advancing to the semi-finals. The first two riders at the end of the semi-finals progress to the GP Finals where they fight for the Speedway World Champion title.

The fifteen riders aside from the wild card are permanent and have been decided by different methods in the past. In 2016, for example, the top eight riders from the 2015 World Championship qualified automatically. Three more racers entered the events through qualification, while four were promoted by IMG, the promotors of Speedway GP.

Unlike the permanent riders, the wild card is a non-GP rider coming from the country where the events are held. The wild card can win the series just like any other rider, although this has only happened five times in Speedway GP’s history.

Last year, English rider Tai Woffinden won the title with Bartosz Zmarzlik and Fredrik Lindgren on second and third place. This year, the series will start on May 18 in Poland, with the season ending sometime in October. The odds at bookies for this exciting motor racing series are already out, giving punters an opportunity to predict the upcoming Speedway World Champion and earn some cash.

Will Tai Woffinden Win His Fourth Title?

Tai Woffinden

Tai Woffinden

Still only 28 years old, English rider Tai Woffinden already has 3 titles on his Speedway GP resume. The current captain of the Great Britain team rides in the Polish Speedway Ekstraliga and also competes in the Swedish Elitserien. Widely regarded as one of the best Speedway riders ever, Woffinden will certainly capture more titles before he retires.

Tai Woffinden is the defending champion in the Speedway Grand Prix series and experts and bookies alike are giving him the best chances of winning again. If he does, it will be his second title in a row, something that hasn’t happened since 2008 and Nicki Pedersen’s two successive titles. It’s clear that Woffinden won’t give up the throne easily which is reflected in his odds.

Woffinden currently goes for 9/4 at SportNation, SportPesa, Letou, and Fun88. Those odds are pretty great for a favourite, so if you think that the Brit has what it takes to win his 4th title, we suggest placing a bet on him. Make it reasonable, though, as the others surely won’t make things easy for him.

Is Bartosz Zmarzlik Woffinden’s Biggest Threat?

Bartosz Zmarzlik

Bartosz Zmarzlik

Bartosz Zmarzlik is a Polish rider who has impressed experts with his driving even though he’s only 23. An accomplished rider, Zmarzlik has already won the British GP in 2018 and the Swedish GP a year before. He has 13 podiums in his career and three wins, and he’s widely regarded as the biggest Speedway GP rising star.

Zmarzlik finished second last year, lagging only 10 points behind Tai Woffinden. Experts are sure he’ll be a bigger threat this year and bookies certainly agree with them. Zmarzlik is standing shoulder to shoulder with Woffinden on the list of favourites this year, with many experts unable to pick a clear winner. Sure, many are putting Woffinden in the lead, but bookies are keeping both riders level.

Just like Woffinden, Zmarzlik is available at 9/4 at SportPesa, Fun88, SportNation, and Letou. This means that he’s the Englishman’s biggest rival and a big favourite for the title. Since they’re being given equal odds and the title fight will almost surely go down between them, we strongly suggest backing up both riders. In the end, it may bring you a nice return.

Can Jason Doyle Win Again?

Jason Doyle

Jason Doyle

Jason Doyle is an Australian rider who won the Speedway GP in 2017 in front of Patryk Dudek and Tai Woffinden. Doyle has many more accolades behind his name and is currently the third favourite to win the 2019 Speedway GP title. Of course, his odds are far behind Woffinden’s and Zmarzlik, but considering his experience and the fact that he won the series 2 years ago, he has to be taken into consideration.

Doyle has experience and age on his side, so he will surely mount a challenge and try to beat the young guns. Placing a bet on him right now seems like the smart choice as you can earn a lot when the season ends. Jason Doyle goes for 8/1 at SportPesa, Letou, Fun88, and SportNation. Place a reasonable bet on him, and you’ll get quite a nice payout if Doyle is crowned world champion for the second time in his career.

Can Fredrik Lindgren Cause an Upset?

With no World Champion titles behind his name, Fredrik Lindgren doesn’t seem like the punter’s choice. He finished third in the Speedway GP series last year behind Woffinden and Zmarzlik who are seen as the future of the sport. However, Lindgren 116 starts in his career and 16 podiums as well, so it’s safe to say that he is a definite threat to the younger riders.

Speedway betting bookies such as SportPesa, Letou, Fun88, and SportNation have made Lindgren a joint-4th favourite for this year’s title. The Swedish rider is available for 10/1 just like Artem Laguta and Maciej Janowski. He’s considered the best of the trio, but bookies can’t clearly separate the three riders.

At 10/1, Lindgren is a dark horse totally worth betting on. Of course, he’s not that big of a favourite, but considering his previous results he should get more attention. Who knows, maybe this will be the year Lindgren finally breaks out and wins that elusive World Champion crown.

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